Our Mission

Advantage, along with it's "Stay Up" mentality, represents substantially more than just our clothes. Since Advantage's upbringings, the CEO and team have been dedicated to utilize their success to grow and help others. This means donating money to charities, funding projects, and remaining active in the community.

Advantage Care Foundation (ACF) started in late 2018 after Advantage started to find success. Towards the end of every year ACF donates toys to unfortunate children. To help donate is by purchasing a product and 5% percent of the profit goes to donation.  

As the owner and CEO of Advantage, I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue making short films. So far, Advantage has aided in producing two films I am extremely proud of. In my first short film, "LOVE" you will go through different types of love, which are self, tough and brotherly love and how it reflects on people's lives in a negative and positive way. In my second short film "Education" the audiences will discover some relatable views of how college helps them be a better person and how they view the world differently. The reason why I started creating films is that I believe this is my art and I'm not afraid to showcase my art to the people.  After watching my films, you will get something out of it. My art is not just for entertainment, it's for learning. I want the audiences to think back later and remember the topics I presented in my films and it relates to their personal life. I'm a big fan of music and I believe that music tells a story and I want that story to be told.